New District Setting

Admins now have access to a new district setting called "Months To Display." This will enable admins to only show a certain amount of past data (requests). 

Note: This can drastically increase system performance. 

User Notification View

Admins can now edit a user account and see exactly where that user is set up to be notified. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Delete Files

Users with the "Manage District Settings" admin permission can now remove files. This can be done on the following files.

1. Uploaded files that were attached to a request.

2. General Settings - District Terms and Conditions

3. Contract Setup - Delete the uploaded contract file. 

4. Group Files - Additional Group Files can now be deleted.

Settings Page Update

Admins that had access to the previous settings pages "General, Public Display, Contract, Integration Settings" have been consolidated into one area.

To view this click Admin > Settings > Click the Tab on the area that needs to be reviewed.