Users are able to sync the athletic events from rSchool over to ML Schedules. Please follow the steps below to complete this process.

You will need to generate iCal links for each athletic facility within rSchool that you would like to sync to ML Schedules.

The first thing that will need to do within the rSchool program is to make sure that each event that is taking place within your own district facilities lists the exact gym or field being used. Please take a look at the example image below. You will see that one of the events only lists the High School (incorrect) while the other lists the HS Main Gym (correct).

Once this is done you will want to generate the iCal feeds for each of your facilities.

From the Rschools Main Menu:

1. Select Go To Advanced View

2. Change the Location Detail information for each facility that is being utilized for your events.

3. Select Date Range as the time period, enter now until 1/1/2050 (this will cover all events in the future), and then select the Generate Report button

4. Select the Subscribe button at the top right of the report and then select the Google Calendar option and Copy the URL that is listed. This is the link that we will use within ML Schedules to sync the events for that facility to the corresponding space within our program.

5. Once you have the iCal link, Log in to ML Schedules and go to Locations > Manage Spaces, and select the pencil icon next to the space that you just generated the iCal link for.

6. Scroll down to the "Import iCal" section and select the "Add URL" button.

7. Paste the iCal link into the URL textbox and select the Save button.

8. Repeat steps 1-7 for any other facilities you would like to link to ML Schedules.

Note: ML Schedules will update the events from rSchool every 30 minutes (i.e. 1PM, 1:30PM, 2PM, etc.)

9. The sync should start on its own with the times listed above. However, if you need the sync to start right away, please contact or submit a ticket in the support portal.