This feature allows admins to bulk update the rates on spaces by group classification without having to go into each individual space to make changes. Admins must have the Manage District Settings permission enabled to perform this action.

  1. Select Locations > Manage Spaces

  2. Click the Actions button and select Update Space Rates 

  3. The Edit Space Rates modal will pop up

  4. From here, select the spaces you wish to update your Space Rates in. You can do this by starting with the Site selection and then selecting Space Types or individual spaces within the site(s). 

  5. Next, click the Group Classifications you wish to make the space rate update in

  6. Type in the new rate you wish to apply in the weekday, Saturday and Sunday columns for each classification you have checked. *Please note that if you leave a rate space blank for a classification you have checked, there will be no updates made. Updates will only apply when a rate is typed into the rate box.

  7. Choose a your rate period - Per Hour or Per Event

  8. Click Saved Selected Rates to apply your changes.