This feature makes it easy for admins to update additionally notified users in bulk without having to jump into every individual space. Admins must have the Manage District Settings permission enabled to perform this action.

  1. Go to Locations > Manage Sites 

  2. Click the Actions button and select Update Additionally Notified Users

  3. The Edit Additional Notify Users modal will pop up

  4. From here, select the spaces you wish to update your Additionally Notified Users in. You can do this by starting with the Site selection and then selecting Space Types or individual spaces within the site(s).

  5. Next you must choose how you want to apply the new user to the existing space settings.

    1. Add a new user without overriding existing users - this action will keep existing users that are already listed and add the new user to it.

    2. Override existing users - this action will erase any existing users that are listed and replace with your new user selection(s)

    3. Remove user(s) without overriding existing users - this action will remove user(s) selected, but will not disrupt any of the other existing users currently listed. This is a good option when a user leaves or moves from a building.

  6. Select the user(s) you wish to update

  7. Click Save