Users with the admin permission "Can Delete Requests" can delete requests that have NOT been invoiced. 

Enabling The Permission

1. Select Users > Manage Users from the left-side navigation menu.  

2. Select the Pencil Icon () next to the user you want to give this Permission to.

3. Select the Permissions tab and check off the permission "Can Delete Requests".

4. Select Save.

Note: In order to see the changes, if the user is logged in, they may need to log out and log back in. 

Deleting a Request

1. Choose a Request to Delete - This can be from the calendar or clicking the magnifying glass icon () next to a request.

You will be brought to the request details page. 

Note: This can only be done on a single Request. The Delete option is not available on the View All Occurrences page. 

2. Select the Actions button at the top right of the page.

3. Select Delete.

4. Click Yes on the confirmation modal.

Note: Deleting the request will not be reversible. 

The request will be removed from the system on all tables and reports, including the calendar. 

If you access the request details from the calendar, you will receive a separate confirmation letting you know the calendar will need to be refreshed. Select Got It, and the tab will be closed, taking you to the calendar so you can refresh it. 

Viewing The Deleted Events

1. Select Admin > Event Delete History from the left-side navigation menu.

The Delete History will be displayed.

Note: Users with the admin permission Delete Requests will be able to see this page.