Ability To Delete Events 

Users with the admin permission "Can Delete Events" can now delete requests that have NOT been invoiced. Please click HERE to learn more.

Viewing Deleted Events

Users with the admin permission "Can Delete Events" can view the deleted events inside their system. Please click HERE to learn more.

Add File to Receive Payment

Files can now be uploaded when admins receive payments. For example, pictures of the check can be uploaded. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Ability to Drag and Drop Events on the Calendar

Users that have the Edit Requests permission will now be able to drag and drop events on the calendar to reschedule. In addition to this, they can extend times by dragging down the event on the week and day view. Please click HERE to learn more.

Calendar Search and Filter

The search bar look has been updated to include exactly what that search bar will look for. In addition to this, we updated the filter button on the Calendar. 

Y/N Field Type Update

The field type will now show a red asterisk when it is required. In addition to this, these options do not default to NO on the request form. It will now be N/A, so users must select an option for those fields if they're required. 

Invoice View Update

The line items on an invoice will now be in the order of the requested date and not the Request ID.

Required Fields Update

If a required field is missed when submitting a request, the page will automatically direct you to the top to indicate what fields/information is missing. Previously this would leave you at the bottom of the page, and you would need to scroll to the top.

Manage Groups Page Update

The group details page has been updated to include another tab, "Email Log". This tab will include all requests and invoice emails that have been sent to that group. In addition to this, there is a note section for the group strictly for admins to view. Please click HERE to learn more.

Contact Administrator Form


Admins can customize the text that appears on the contact admin form. This can be done under Settings > General Settings. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Remove Buttons from Emails

Admins can decide if they want the approve and decline buttons to appear on the approval emails. This can be managed under Settings > General Settings. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Manage Users Add/Edit Update 

Anyone managing users will now see a new modal display when adding and editing users. In addition to this, there is a tab to view that user's email history to see all emails sent to them. This includes request and invoice emails. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Days Notice for Expiring Insurance

This setting can be located under Settings > General Settings. This was previously in the system, but notifications were only sent out for groups that had future requests. The emails will now include any group that has expiring insurance within the number of days entered. 

Link Spaces from MLS to MLW 

Admins now have a page they can access to link their MLS spaces to their MLW spaces for the integration. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Site Override for Additionally Notified Users 

When admins are setting up Additionally notified users via Site, they can now decide if they want that setting to override the space additionally notified users for that corresponding site. Please click related HERE  to learn more.