Users with the Manage District Settings permission have the ability to manage additional files for groups. Admins can add a file pertaining to an existing classification and make it required for those groups to have when registering for an account and submitting a facility use request. 

Setting up Additional Group Files

1. Select Users > Manage Additional Group Files from the left-side navigation menu. 


The Group Files page will be displayed.

2. Select the Add Group File button.

3.  Fill out the information in the Modal.

File Name: Enter the name of the Group File.

Note: The file name is in the format (WYSIWYG) so that links to files can be used in the file name. 

Required: Select the Classification(s) that this file needs to be required for.

4. Click Save

Utilizing the file(s)

Every file will display on every group's page. So each group will be responsible for uploading these files if they're required. 

Group Managers will be able to edit their own group.

Group Classification Managers will be able to edit any group inside the system.

When Editing your group, you will have the ability to view, add, and delete files. 

To Add a File: Simply drag a file to the Choose File Section. Or click that section to choose a file from your documents. 

To Delete a File: Select the red x icon () next to the file to delete it.

To View a File: Select the Magnifying Glass icon () to view a file.

Registering for an Account

When a file is required during the registration process, it will not let you continue unless that file has been uploaded. This will be decided based on what classification the registering user chooses. 

Note: Deciding what file is required based on classification can be adjusted on step 3 listed above. 

Submitting a Request 

When submitting a Request, the system will check to see if that file is uploaded. If not you will receive a message indicating you need to upload a file in order to continue with the Request. ,

In order for the Continue option to appear, you will need to select your name at the top right, and click profile. From there edit the Group to add those files.