Show Budget Code

We have made a recent update that will show the budget code on email generated to Additionally Notified Users when a request is approved. 

Copy a Space

Users with the Manage District Settings permission can now copy an existing space to create a new one. This will save users time in creating a new space, as all of the space information will duplicate except for the space name. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Ignore Conflicts

Users with the Manage District Settings permission can now Ignore Conflicts, so they do not appear on the Future Conflicts menu. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Additional Charge Update

Users can now add a description when adding an additional charge directly to a request to provide more additional information on the charge. 

Manage Additional Group Files 

Users with the Manage District Settings will now have the ability to make certain files required for Classifications. If a file is required it will need to be uploaded to their profile or uploaded when creating a new account. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Contract Settings Update

An update to Classification settings now allows Contracts can be sent out dependent on the Classification, making it easier to segment and manage the groups that are required to provide signed contracts. Users can still access all of the other Contract Settings by going to Settings > Contract Settings

"Send Custom Contract PDF as Attachment on Approval" will be located under the Classification Settings

Please click HERE to learn more.