New Permission to Enter Events in the Past 

Under the Manage Roles page, there is a new permission that can be added to a Role. Once it has been added, the user can enter requests using past dates. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Filter Sites on the View All Occurrences page

On the View All Occurrences page, there was previously only a drop-down to sort the requests via space. We have added another option to filter on Sites if there are multiple sites associated with one request. 

Time Stamp Updated on Invoices 

On the invoices, we now include the day of the week on the time stamp. 

View and Sending Estimates

When viewing a request, the same users who can send Invoices will be able to send an estimate before an invoice if needed. Please click HERE to learn more.

Note: The setting will need to be enabled first.

Invoice Update - Blank Hour Column if Space Cost is set to "Per Event" 

When an invoice uses a per-event rate for the Space Costs, the hour column will now be blank. 

New Approval Prompt when Approving on Behalf of Another User Approval Prompt

When a user with the permission "Approve on Behalf of Others" approves a request for another user, a prompt will display confirming you're approving for someone else. 

Manage Blocked Dates Update

Users with the permission to Manage Blocked Dates can now add dates and target specific Classifications. Please click HERE  to learn more.