This month's new update will include the long-awaited release of the new Manage Users section and Manage Roles. Similar to MLW, we have created a separate section where roles can be created. Other additional features have been added as well. 

Manage Roles

When creating a Role, you're able to pick which permissions they have in the system. From there, you can provide a user with a specific role rather than clicking multiple permissions per user. Please click HERE to learn more.

Manage Users

When adding a user or editing an existing user, you can now simply apply a Role to that user or remove any if needed. In addition to this, there are now Admin permissions. Please click HERE to learn more.

Conflicts Update

If a Space is set to always available, it will no longer generate conflicts. In addition to this, users with the View Reports permission and the Manage District Settings permission can view conflicts when submitting a Request. Please click HERE to learn more.

Grouping on a Report

We added a feature on the Summary Report and the Detail Report that allows you to group columns for easier visualization of your data. Please click HERE for instructions on how to Group a column.

Sending a Mass Email 

Inside of ML Schedules, users with the Group Classification Manager, and Manage District Settings permission will be able to send a mass email. Please click HERE to learn more.

Request Change Log

Users with the View Reports permission will have the ability to view any changes that were made on a Request. Please click HERE to learn more.