This month’s release of new features includes some that came from our user requests. We have added the ability to create a draft invoice while an event is in Pending or On-Hold status. In addition to this, we have updated the approval paths. 


Restart Approval Path


Approvals can now be restarted while a request is pending. Prior to this update, locations on requests could be changed, and the approval path would not update. Once the Restart Approval option is selected on  Pending Requests, it will use the updated Approval Path based on location. Please click HERE to learn more. 




Creating a Draft Invoice on a Pending Request


Users can now create a Draft Invoice on a Pending Request. This will allow the Invoice to be modified and viewed before sending it to the Group Manager. Adjustments can be made on the Draft Invoice until it is ready to be sent. Please click HERE

 to learn more. 




Manage Fields


We have made adjustments to the Manage Fields page to increase the loading times and functionality. There is a new grid for additionally notified users. In addition to this, it is now easier to apply the fields on the request form. Please click HERE to learn more. 


Ability to add a Space or Date to an existing Request

Users with the Manage Site Settings permission under (admin permissions) will have the ability to add a Space or Date to an existing request. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Selecting the More option at the bottom of the Request details page will show this action button.


Once the action button has been selected, a new Modal will pop up to add the new spaces or dates to the request.




If you have any questions or concerns about these features, please submit a ticket through our support portal here: