Users with the Manage District Settings admin permission in ML Schedules now can add a Date or Space to an existing Request. 

Utilizing the Feature

1. Click the Magnifying Glass next to the Request you would like to add a Space/Date to. Or you can click the event on the Calendar.

Note: This will add an additional occurrence to the Request.

2. From the Request details page, you can select the  option on the static action bar.

3.  Select the  option

4.  Fill out Fields after selecting the Space or Date option



5. Check off the Users you would like to notify of the update.

6. Select  

7. The system will check for availability, and it will appear at the bottom of the Modal. If everything looks correct and you would like to proceed, click

Note: When you press continue only click it once.

You will then be taken back to the Request Details page. You will notice at the top right of the page there will be a View Requests option where the new addition will be listed.

Note: If it is a Recurring Request, it will still state View All Occurrences at the top right of the page. 

From the Request Details page –  you can add spaces or dates.

Recurring Request – you can only add spaces (Since this is already a recurring event, just extend to a new space).

Multiple Space Recurring Request – you can only add a date (This is a multi-space event, just add a new date).