ML Schedules allows Admin users to create their own custom roles within the system. Each role will contain a set of permissions to determine what aspects of the system a user can access and what they can do.  

1. Select Users >  Manage Roles.

2. To add a new Role, select Action > Add Role.

3. Give the Role a name, assign the necessary Permissions. and select Save.

  • Add Calendar Information: Any user with this Permission can Add Information to the Calendar

  • Approve On Behalf of Others: Provide the User the ability to approve a Request on behalf of another approver

  • Bypass Approval: This permission allows the User to bypass the approval process when submitting a Request. 

  • Bypass Blocked Dates – Can submit a Request even if there is a blocked date in place

  • Bypass Min/Max Days – Allows the User to bypass the Days notice to Request and Cancel, and the Days In future allowed time frames

  • Can Enter Events in the Past - Allows the user to submit requests for past dates

  • Can Send Invoice - Allows the user to have the Send Invoice option

  • Cancel Approved Events- User can Cancel events that are already Approved

  • Double Book – Can submit a Request for a location that is already being used

  • Edit Requests - User can make Edits to Requests inside the system

  • Manage Blocked Dates - Can Add, Edit, and Delete Blocked Dates

  • Mass Cancel User can use the Mass Cancel feature and Cancel multiple events at once

  • View All Requests – User can View All Requests, this does not include the Calendar Report

  • View Financial Reports – Will have access to Financial related Reports

  • View Reports – Will have access to a variety of Reports inside the system, including the Calendar Report

4. Repeat Steps 1 - 3 for any other Roles you would like to set up.