We have made some adjustments to the Summary and Detail report and converted them to a Telerik (Or table) Grid. In addition to this, we have also provided the ability for admins to inactivate Users and Delete them. Please review the following features below, and let us know if you have any questions!

Ability to Delete and Inactivate a User

District Admins now have the ability to delete a User if there are no records associated with them. If there are records and you would like to remove the User you can make them Inactive so they cannot submit requests. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Updated Summary and Detail Report

We added additional filtering options to the report. In addition to this, we transitioned the reports to a Telerik (Or table) Grid. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Custom Fields for Admin Use Only

We have added the option to make an existing field or new field only editable to a District Admin. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Saved Filters Option is Now Available on the Summary and Detail Report

The Saved Filter button on the Calendar report has saved users some time. We decided to add this function to the reports as well. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Added "Other" as Another Method Option When Receiving a Payment

We have added a generic "Other" option as a payment method. We applied this for Users that may be receiving payments in a different way compared to the standard options.

Set a Default View for the Public Display 

Administrators now have the choice to default the Public Display View to the Monthly Calendar or a List View. 

Manage Budget Codes

Administrators have the ability to add budget codes to the system. This can then be added to invoices when receiving a payment. You can also track certain budget codes using the Revenue Report. Please click HERE to learn more.