With last month's big update, we started to work on some additional features this month to improve your workflow. Please review the following updates below and let us know if you have any suggestions!

Allow mass updating and editing date of Multiple Space Requests

We made an adjustment to Multiple Space Requests. Previously the system could not mass update a date, and all dates needed to be adjusted individually. With this change, a user can now mass update the date field on multiple spaces at once

Email notification when insurance is expiring

We have given users the ability to send out an email notification to Users that have expiring insurance. The date can be set under your District-Wide settings. The number of days can be set, and a notification will be sent out based on the number of days and the user's expiration. 

Add Event Type Parameter within Embedded Calendar View 

Multiple Parameters can now be added to your embed code. You can now add the Event Type parameter by typing: type=1 you can list multiple Event Types by separated it with a comma, for example. type=1,2 Please click HERE to learn more. 

Set Default Reminder to be seven days

Anytime a user gets the Additionally Notified role, we set up the reminder days for them. Previously it would default to zero, and every User would have to make this adjustment on their own. Now when the role is assigned, it will default to seven days, and the User will receive email reminders seven days out. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Past Due Notification on Invoice

We made an adjustment on the Invoices to indicate if they are past due. If they are past due it will state it now at the top of the Invoice. 

Manage Users Page update

We updated the Manage Users page to make it more friendly for districts with a ton of users. You can filter for Roles vs No Roles and also filter for Active Directory or Google Single sign-on users. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Manage Space Page update

We updated the Manage Spaces page. This is going to be very similar to the updated Manage Users page. Please click HERE to learn more.