Users who are assigned the District Admin role have the ability to modify and update the district's integration settings at all times. 

To access the Integration settings page: 

1. Select Admin > Settings from the left-side navigation menu. From there, select the Integration Tab.

The Integrations page will be displayed.  

2. Complete the following settings as needed: 

District PayPal Account : Enter your district PayPal Email here.

District PayPal Client id : Enter your PayPal client ID here. (this information will be located under your PayPal account.

Group to Create External Events : Select a Group via drop-down for external events to be logged under.

Receive External Event Double Booked Emails (Comma Separated) : Select a User(s) to be notified if an external event is causing a Double Booking.

Default Duration for External Events : Enter a Default time for events. This will only apply to events where an end time may not have been logged.

Default Setup Minutes for External Events : Enter a default set-up time.

Default Break-down Minutes for External Events : Enter a default break-down time.

Link External Events to the following Event Type(s) : Enter an Event Type to associate with external Requests. 

Note: this will be applied to every Request and can be removed manually if needed.

Default Space for iCal Away Games : Select a Space that you would like to correspond with away events.

Note: We recommend creating a generic Space name for Away Events. As the event information will be brought over in the event title from the integrations.

3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions in regards to the integration settings, please click here to submit a support ticket.