We have added a new filtering option to the Calendar. Users with the View Reports permission will be able to filter for public events and private events.

The requests will be defaulted to Show or Hide based on your Public Display Settings. This can be found by selecting Admin > Settings > Public Display Settings


When requests are defaulted to show these would be considered a "Public Event." If there is a specific event that would need to be moved to "Private" this can be adjusted on a per request basis.

1. Locate the corresponding request and select the magnifying glass button

2. Under the Event Information section ensure "Show Event Details to the Public" is unchecked. 

3. Click Save at the bottom right of the page.

4. The following event will now be considered "Private"

Filtering Public and Private Events on the Calendar

1. Select the Calendar option on the left-side navigation menu

2. Select the Filter button

3. Select Private Events or Public Events

Note: This will default to show Public and Private Events

4. Selecting Private Events will only show events appearing on the internal Calendar

Please let us know if you have any questions about filtering for Private and Public Events.

Please submit a ticket here if you have any questions, and we will be happy to help. http://support.mlschedules.com/support/tickets/new