With adding the Event Types feature to the system, we decided it would be best to allow our ICAL events to have the same function. Based on where the ICAL is located, there will be two separate sections where the Event Types can be Managed. 

Linking a Spaces ICal URL to an Event Type

1. Select Locations > Manage Spaces.

2. Select the Pencil Icon  next to the corresponding Space you would like to Edit.

3. Select the drop-down arrow next to the Import ICal section. 

4.  Select the Edit Icon next to the ICal Link.

5. Select the Event Types you would like to associate with the events coming over from this ICal.

6. Select the SAVE option at the bottom. 

Link Integration ICals to an Event Type

1. Select Admin > Settings > Integration Settings.

2. Scroll down to ICal Calendar URL's

3. Select the Add URL option

4.  Paste the corresponding ICal in the URL section. 

5. Select the Event types you would like to associate with the pasted ICal.

6. Select SAVE.

If you have any questions on implementing Event Types via ICal's, please feel free to submit a ticket in our support portal, and we will be happy to help you with this process.