Admin users are able to create their own custom Event Types within ML Schedules as a different way of viewing the calendar and reports. Once Event Types are created, events can be linked to either one or multiple event types.

You can Manage Event Types by selecting Settings > Setup Items > Manage Event Types.

Note: You have the ability to decide if you want the Event types to display on the Public Calendar by updating the Show Details column.

Yes = shows on the calendar.

No= does not show on the calendar.

Defer= Will follow your default Public Settings selection.

Once the Event Types have been created, you can make it Required, so when Requestors are submitting a Request, they will have to select an Event Type. The setting can be found under the District-Wide Settings page (this will default to No).

Once Requests are labeled with the Event Type, you can filter for the specific Events on all of the Reports (Summary, Detail, Calendar).

If a Request goes through and an Event type is not selected, it can manually be done by editing a Request.

If you have any questions on Event Types or how to implement them in your system, please feel free to submit a support ticket.