We have made some enhancements this fall that we are happy to share with you! Please let us know if you have any feedback on the listed Features. 

Allow more than one user to receive emails for new groups

Multiple Users can now Recieve emails when new Groups apply for a Classification within the system. The emails can be separated by a comma, as shown below. The email can be changed on the District-Wide Settings page.

Improve Recurring Requests to also allow clicking dates on a calendar

When selecting the Frequency on the Recurring Request option, there is a new addition called "Custom Frequency." This option will enable you to select specific dates on the Calendar.

Changed the Select Group/Request on Behalf of dropdown to be Telerik Combobox

Rather then Users scrolling through to find the corresponding Group. They are now able to type into these Fields to search for the Group.

Show all Groups within the Manage Groups Page

Previously on the Manage Groups page, we only showed Approved and Pending Groups. When a Group was declined, there was no ability to see them. We have now added that ability so internal Users can manage them as needed.


Create Email History Log like MLW

Admins now have the ability to view a log of Emails that are being sent out through the system. We used a Telerik Grid so columns can be added, and items can be filtered. You can view this by selecting Settings > Email History.

"Add to Calendar" Button on MLS Emails.

Users now have the ability to add events to their Calendar Via Email.

Add Save to Excel and Print to PDF options on Bulk Invoicing Page.

Users can now print the Bulk Invoicing page along with transferring the listed information to Excel by clicking Export to Excel.

Required Fields red asterisk before selecting submit.

Required Fields on the Request form will now have a Red Asterix displayed next to the Field Name, indicating it is Required to be filled out.

Allow Multiple Users to manage a Group.

Multiple Users can now be responsible for one Group. Please click HERE to learn more about Additional Group Managers.