The Manage Approval Paths page allows District Admin users to add or edit approval paths for each space within ML Schedules.

1. Select Locations > Manage Approval Paths.

2. To add an approval path, select the Add Approval Path button. 

3. Enter the Name for the Approval path (this is what will be listed on the Space and Site settings).

4. Enter a Description for the Approval Path.

5. Select the Plus Icon to add approval steps as needed and select the individual responsible for that specific step of approval.

6. Select if you would like to restart approvals on all pending requests using this approval path. If you would like to select YES. If not, select NO and all requests going forward will follow the new path. 

7. Select the Save button.

Note 1: If a user is missing from the drop-down, edit their user account, click the permission tab, check off Space Approver, and click Save. Upon returning to this page, you can then add them to the approval path. 

Note 2: If multiple users are selected for one approval step, only one of those users has to act upon the request in order to keep it moving in the process.

To apply this Approval Path to a Space or Site setting:

1. Select Locations > Manage Sites. Or Locations > Manage Spaces.

2. Select the Pencil Icon next to the Site/Space you would like to edit.

The following screen will be displayed for Space Approval paths. 

Sites will look the same, but the option to override the Space Approval path will still be available.

3. Select the Default Approval path dropdown to select the Approval path you want the Space to follow. You can also Edit the existing Approval path by selecting the Edit link or add a new approval path by selecting the Add New link.

4.  Select the Save option.

To inactivate an approval path:

1. Select Locations > Manage Approval Paths.

2. Select the button next to the approval path you want to inactivate.

3. Select Yes to inactivate.

Note: Admins can inactivate paths they no longer use. Once inactive, they can still be viewed by clicking the filter at the top left and filtering for inactive.

Once inactive, it can be reactivated by selecting the button.

To Delete an Approval Path:

1. Select Locations > Manage Approval Paths.

2. Select the delete button next to the approval path you want to delete 

3. Select Yes to Delete.

Note: Only approval paths that are currently not associated with a reservation can be deleted. Once deleted, these cant be restored and will need to be re-added as a new path.