Send an Invoice from the Bulk Invoicing Page

1. Select Invoices > Bulk Invoicing. This page will show all events within the previous month that have not yet been invoiced.

2. Use the search box if you would like to narrow down the results or only invoice one specific group. Select the checkboxes next to the events that you would like to invoice.

3. Select the Create & Send Invoice(s) button to email each group one invoice for all of their events for that time period. Select the Create Draft Invoice(s) button to create draft invoices that are able to be reviewed before being sent.

4. If a draft invoice is created, you will be taken directly to the Draft Invoices page which will show you each draft invoice that has been created.

5. Select the View icon () next to the invoice that you would like to review and send.


Note: Once the invoice is generated the line items will be in the order of the event date. 

6. Make any necessary adjustments to the invoice and then select the Email button. Once this button is selected, an invoice will be sent to the group.

Note: If the Space Cost is set to "Per Event" the hour's column will be blank on the invoice and only list the Per Event Rate