The ML Schedules menu has been updated and has moved from the top of the page to the left side of the page. Users are able to expand or collapse this menu by selecting the 3 lines at the top of the menu. The expanded view will include the menu names while the collapsed view will simply show the menu icons.

Menu Items Overview


The Home menu option will bring you to the ML Schedules homepage that displays the available request types and allows you to make requests.


The Calendar menu option will bring you to the Calendar Report of all district facility requests.


  • Submit New Request: Takes you to the homepage where you can submit a new facility request.
  • My Requests: Takes you to the management page of all requests you have submitted.
  • Awaiting My Approval: Displays all requests awaiting your approval (Space Approver.)
  • All Pending Requests: Displays ALL Pending requests (for ALL users.)
  • Upcoming Events: Displays all upcoming events.
  • Future Conflicts: Displays all future conflicts.
  • View All Requests: Displays all facility requests.


  • Manage Users: Takes you to the User role management page.
  • Manage Groups: Takes you to the Group Management page.


  • Manage Sites: Takes you to the Site management page.
  • Manage Spaces: Takes you to the Space management page.


  • Bulk Invoicing: Takes you to the Bulk Invoicing page.
  • Revenue Report: Takes you to the Revenue Report.


  • Revenue Report
  • Summary Report
  • Detail Report
  • Space Rate Report
  • Grid Report
  • Calendar Report
  • One Page Per Event Report


  • Manage Blocked Dates: Takes you to the Manage Blocked Dates page.
  • Mass Cancel Events: Takes you to the Mass Cancel page.
  • Manage Athletics: Takes you to the Manage Athletics page.
  • Recalculate Event Fees: Takes you to the Recalculate All Event Fees page.


  • Setup Items: All back end settings (User, Site, Space management etc.)
  • Active Directory: Active Directory settings (AD Connection, AD Filters)
  • District Wide Settings: District Admin settings
  • Public Display Settings: Public Calendar settings
  • Integration Settings: Other system integration settings
  • Invoicing Setup: Invoicing settings
  • Contract Setup: Contract settings