ML Schedules™ allows users to view a list of All Conflicts from the Future Conflict page.

You will want to take the following steps:

1. Select View > Future Conflicts.

This will display all events with 1 or more conflicts.

2. Select the Warning icon to view and manage the Conflict. 

Note: If a Space is set to Always Available, conflicts will not be generated for that Space.

Submitting a Request

Users with the District Admin Role or the View Reports permission will also be able to View Conflicts when submitting a Request, if there are any. 

Selecting the Warning icon will allow you to view the conflicting events and manage them if needed. 

Note: Only users with the permissions below can view the conflict details. 

Manage District Settings 

Approve On Behalf Of Others 

Space Approver

Ignoring a Conflict

Users with the District Admin Role can ignore conflicts on the request details page or the view all occurrences page. This will disable a request from appearing as a conflict. 

1. Locate a conflict

2. Select the Magnifying Glass to view the request details

3. When viewing the details, select the Actions button and select View Conflicts

4. Select the instances of the request you wish to ignore and then hit the Ignore Conflict button on the bottom right.

The Request will no longer appear as a conflict.