ML Schedules™ Manage Requests page allows you to view all Requests within the system.

To view the Manage Requests page while logged into the software as a user:

1. Select Requests > View All Requests.

Important: When the Manage Requests screen is initially displayed, it will default to only show events awaiting your approval.

Search for Requests

1. Using the search field provided at the top of the screen and enter either an Event ID or Event Title. 

Note: Using this search box will search on all events (past and future). 

2. To further search on an individual column select the 3 vertical dots within the column to display a search box.

Sort Requests

1. Select the column header to sort all requests based on that specific column. 

Note: The column will be highlighted in blue when it is being sorted on.

Filter Requests

1. By selecting the three vertical dots within the header each column can be filtered further.

A menu will be displayed that allows you to filter on specific selections within the selected column. 

2. Select the checkbox next to each item you would like to filter on and then select the Filter button at the bottom of the menu.

Grouping Requests

1. By selecting the three veritcal dots within the header each column can be grouped.

This will open up a menu in which you can select the Group By option. 

2. You can undo this grouping by selecting the Ungroup option.

Adjust Displayed Columns

1. Select the three vertical dots on any column.

2. Check of the column names you would like displayed on this page.

For example, if you wanted to add a cost and paid column to the page you will have these as additional options.

View My Approvals

1. Select the My Approvals button to only view requests awaiting your approval.

View Upcoming Requests

1. Select the Upcoming Events button to only view future events.

Clear All Filters

1. Select the Clean All Filters button to view all of your requests (past and present).