ML Schedules™ Software allows District Admins to Inactivate and Delete Spaces.

Spaces can be Deleted if there are no past or future requests associated with the Space.

Spaces can be Inactivated to prevent further requests being made at the Space, while previously entered events will remain in the system (for record retention purposes).

To delete or inactivate a Space you will want to take the following steps:

1. First go to Locations > Manage Spaces.

2. Select the Edit icon on the Space you want to manage.

2. You will then select the Inactivate Space button or the Delete Space button, in the top right of the Manage Spaces screen.

Note: If a Space has requests associated with it you will only see the Inactivate Space button, along with red text above the Space name stating "This Space can't be deleted because it has requests associated with it."