Classification - Categories into which various Groups are organized based on common factors (facility use fees, insurance requirements,etc).

User - An individual person who has an account associated with an email address.

District User - District Staff with a specific Role or Permission associated with an email address.

Group - A number of individuals who are gathered together with similar interests in mind (i.e. Boy Scout Troop, Soccer Team, etc). 

Group Managers - Individual users who have access to manage a Group and submit Requests for that Group.

District Admin - The person responsible for maintaining all aspects of the system.

Site - A Building (i.e High School). 

Space - A room or facility within a Site (building).

Field - What you use to build your customized facility use request form (i.e. questions, piece of equipment, personnel).

Space Approver - The person(s) who is responsible for approving or denying requested events.

Additionally Notify - Support staff who are notified about approved Requests.

Group Classification Manager - Approves new Groups and has access to information for all Groups (insurance, contact info, etc).