District Admins in ML Schedules™ Software, can setup requirements for Estimated Costs to be agreed to by users based on their Group's Classification.

For example: Districts may want to require users to Agree to Estimated Costs for requests before they submit their requests to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding possible charges.

To use this feature in ML Schedules, you will want to:

1. Apply the Setting on the Classification level.

2. Add custom text to display to the requestor.

Applying the Agree to Estimated Cost on the Classification level

Note: This is how you will "turn on" this setting and require certain Group Classifications to Agree to Estimated Costs before submitting requests.

1. Select Settings > Setup Items > Manage Classifications.

The Manage My Classifications screen will be displayed.

2. Select the add icon () to add a new Classification or select the edit icon () to apply this setting to an existing Classification.

3. Select "Yes" from the drop down menu next to the field that says "Agree to Estimated Costs".

4. Select the Save button.

Adding Custom Text to Display to the Requestor

Note: This allows the district to add a "note" that will display to the requestor on the Agree to Estimated Costs page when submitting a request.

1. Select Settings > Invoicing Setup.

2. Add the text you would like to display to the requestor in the "Estimated Cost Text" field.

3. Select the Save button.

What the Requestor Sees

When submitting a facility use request, the Requestor will:

1. Fill out the Request Form as usual.

2. At the bottom of the Request form, select the Continue to Estimated Costs button.

The Confirm Your Estimated Costs screen will be displayed, including the custom text set up in the District Admin settings.