ML Schedules™ Software offers District Admin the ability to setup Fees the following ways:

  • Space Settings
  • Additional Charges
  • Field Settings

Space Settings

District Admin are able to set up the facility usage fees based on a specific Space that is being used. This setting will auto-calculate your event fees based on a number of different settings.

The fees for each Space can also be based on:

  • Type of Group (Classification) that entered the Request. 
    For example: The fee for a non-profit Group using the High School Gym, may be different than a for-profit Group using the same High School Gym.
  • Per hour or per event.
  • Day of week (weekday, Saturday, Sunday).

See Add Group Classification Facility Usage Fees To Existing Spaces for more information on how to set this up. 

Additional Charges

Setting up your facility usage fees by adding Additional Charges is best when you need more flexibility in the way you charge for your events. You can add different types of charges and use this feature as a way to calculate manual entry of information.

This feature is not automatic but gives more flexibility of quantity, rate and hours that you are charging for different aspects of an event. 

For Example: The event is scheduled for 4 hours, but a custodian worked 6 hours total due to setup and cleanup of the event.

See Managing Additional Charges for more information on setting this up.

Field Settings

ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software allows District Admins to create customized Fields that can be included on an online Facility Use Request form associated with a specific Space or Spaces. Fields can be configured to auto-calculate fees based on the answer the user enters.

Fields can be setup as the following Types:

  • Number field
  • Text field
  • Yes/No drop down


Examples for how the charge would be applied for each Field Type for the following senario: A district sets up a Field for "Custodian(s) Needed / Notes" and charges $25 per hour.

Number Field: Fees will be applied based off the number they enter. For example: 2 custodians are needed so they enter the number "2". This will charge the user $25 per hour X 2, since there are 2 custodians requested.

Text Field: Fees will be applied based off of if there is text entered in the box. For example: If the users enters any text at all they will be charged $25 per hour.

Yes/No Drop Down: Fee will be applied based off of if Yes is selected. For example: If the users selects "Yes", they will be charged $25 per hour.

NOTE: District Staff can adjust the answers to the Field question when approving or sending an invoice, in order to apply the correct fee to the request.

See Managing Fields (Create A Custom Field) for more information on setting this up.