ML Schedules™ Software allows users with the Manage District Settings permission and Can Send Invoices permission to manually send contracts to requestors. 

1. Select Settings > Setup Items > Manage Classifications  

2. Select the Pencil Icon next to the Classification you would like to send Manual Contracts to. 

3. Set the "Send Custom Contract PDF as Attachment on Approval :" to Manual.

To send a contract manually for approved events:

1. Select the Requests > View All Requests command from the top black toolbar.

The Manage Requests screen will be displayed.  

2. Use the filters to narrow find the event you are looking for and select the View icon () next to the event you would like to send the contract for.

Alternate Method:

  • Go Reports > Calendar Report.
  • Find the desired Request.
  • Select the Request and click the Manage Request button.

The Request Information page will be displayed.

Users will have two options:

  •  Print Contract PDF
  •  Email Contract PDF

3. Select the More option at the bottom of the Request Information page.

4. To print a copy of the contract, Select the Print Contract PDF button.


Here is an example of a printed contract:

5. To email a copy of the contract to the Requestor, select the Email Contract PDF button.

Selecting the Email Contract PDF will send an email with a copy of the contract attached.

This is an example of an email with a copy of the contract. 

Note, as seen below:

  • The Subject line will contain: MLS - Event Name - Contract Attached. 
  • In the Facility Use Request section, there will be a note saying: "Please sign and return the attached contract."
  • Attached to the email will be a PDF copy of the contract.