Users of ML Schedules K12 Facility Request Software can access our Customer Portal to:

• Visit our knowledge base for unlimited access to our video tutorials, help topics and FAQs.

• Submit a Support Ticket to alert our Customer Success Team of an issue or question about the software.

While you do not need a Support Portal account to access the knowledge base or to submit a Support Ticket, an account is recommended for users submitting Support Tickets for status updates to your Tickets.

Submit Ticket:

1.  Select the New Support Ticket link. 

The Submit a Ticket form will be displayed. 

2.  Complete all fields. Required field will indicate a red asterisk

3.  Select the Submit button when detailed information about the issue or question has been entered. 

4.  The first available Customer Success Advisor will respond to the ticket, confirming receipt of the Ticket to the user and whom the ticket is assigned to. 

New Account Sign Up:

Users also have the ability to Sign Up for a new user account to track the status of current tickets and view past tickets.

1a. Select the Sign Up button from the customer portal. 


1b.  Select the Sign Up With Us button from the main login page. 

2.  Enter your full name and email address; then select the Register button. 

3.  Once submitted, there will be a notification at the top of the Login page. 

        Activation link has been sent to (registered email address). 

4.  Follow the additional steps listed in the activation email to activate your account and create a password.

Users also have the ability to visit our knowledge base without setting up a new user account.  

It gives unlimited access to our video tutorials, help topics, and FAQ's section.