ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software provides District Admin with the ability to create Group Classifications and to apply specific insurance settings to new or existing Groups.

There are two different insurance settings on the Manage My Classifications page.

1.  Require Insurance (Flag)
Some Districts require groups to upload insurance files and document the expiration date of the certificates to submit a request. If a Group does not upload its insurance information, they will be flagged and notified that the District requires an insurance file upload before making a request.  However, they will still be able to proceed with submitting the request.

Note: District Admin may choose to not require District Staff to upload an insurance file if they are requesting a space for school-related activities. By setting up a Classification specific to District Staff (i.e Internal Groups), along with their other external Group Classifications, District Admins are able to choose which groups Classifications receive the required insurance flag and which groups do not.

2.  Require Insurance (Block)
Some Districts may not want to allow groups to submit facility requests at all, if the required insurance documentation is not provided. If a district would like to block groups with missing insurance information from submitting requests through the system, they can choose the Classification to require insurance (block), in addition to the insurance flag.

Navigate to these settings:

1.  Select Settings > Setup Items > Manage Classifications.

The Manage My Classifications page will be displayed. 


To edit these settings:

1. Select the edit icon ()

The Manage Classifications page will be displayed. 

2. Update Insurance Field settings to the desired requirements.

3. Select Save, to save applied settings.