ML Schedules™ Software does not allow users to respond to Recurring or Multiple Space requests from an individual Request Information screen.

NOTE: Don't worry you can respond through the "View All Occurrences" and "View all Requests" screens, which helps to keep uniformity among approval of these types of requests.

Example of the Request Information screen (top of the screen):

The following buttons are not shown on Recurring and Multiple Space individual Request Information screens (but will be shown on the "View All Occurrences" and "View All Requests" pages:

  1. Approve Request 
  2. Decline Request 
  3. Cancel Requests 
  4. Edit 
  5. Restart Approval
  6. On Hold
  7. Remove Hold

ML Schedules™ Software requires you to manage your Recurring and Multiple Space requests through the "View All Occurrences" page (for Recurring requests) and "View All Requests Page" (Multiple Space requests).

The benefits of this are:

  • This ensures that Approvers are not inadvertently only approving one instance of a Recurring event, without seeing the other requested dates as well.
  • Helps to keep emails together. Meaning other Space Approvers and Requestors are not receiving approval emails sporadically one date at a time and are receiving all dates in one email.
  • Helps to keep "approval" together, so that some dates aren't stuck pending one Approver, while other dates are pending a different Approver.

Please view the following support links, for more detailed information on how to manage these types of requests:

Manage Recurring Requests

Managing Multiple Space Requests.