ML Schedules™ Software allows school districts to integrate with Google Calendar.


There are two different options for the integration:


1.  One Way Integration allows you to display ML Schedules™ events on your Google Calendar by adding iCAL links (found in Site and Space settings).  These show ML Schedules events in Google Calendar (and other calendars that accept ICALs like Outlook).

 Note: This option does not display your Google Calendar events back in ML Schedules and is not instantaneous. The calendar may take 24 hours to update with events.

See Set up one way Google Calendar Integration using iCAL for more information.


2.  Two Way Integration is set up by linking specific Spaces in ML Schedules to specific Space Google Calendars (you can do this for all Spaces or just set up specific Spaces). These events transfer over as they are added on both sides. For example, anything added to ML Schedules shows in Google Calendar and anything added to Google Calendar shows in ML Schedules. 

Note: Entering events through Google Calendar bypasses the approval process in ML Schedules.


See Google Calendar Integration for more information.