ML Schedules™ Software allows District Admins to access iCAL URL's for all Sites and Spaces within the system.

The one-way integration allows you to display ML Schedules™ events on your Google Calendar by adding iCAL links (found in Site and Space settings).

Note: This option does not display your Google Calendar events back in ML Schedules (See Google Calendar Integration for more information on how to set up a two-way integration).

Step 1: In Locations > Manage Sites or Manage Spaces (depending on if you want a whole Site or just a specific Space's events), find the Site or Space you would like to set up in Google Calendar.

Step 2: Click on the Calendar icon next to the space.

Step 3: Copy the Link

Step 4: Open up Google Calendar and click the plus icon to the left hand side of the screen, next to "Add coworker's calendar" (hover text will say "Add other calendars").

Step 5: Select option “From URL”, enter in copied link address and click Add Calendar.

ML Schedules events will now show on your Google Calendar and will update daily.

Example of event from ML Schedules™ on Google Calendar:

To generate a District Wide iCAL use the following format "https://<insert district website>/GenerateCalendar.aspx".

For example: If your site URL is your District Wide iCAL would be "".

Important Note: Please be aware events can take up to 24 hours to sync. iCal includes events 30 days in the past and future.