District Admin have the ability to Save and Recalculate all facility use fees for Approved and Uninvoiced events in ML Schedules™ Software at once.

For example: This will allow you to update Space/Field fees and recalculate all of your scheduled events (based on Space Fees, Field Fees and Classification) with the new fee before sending out invoices. This feature is similar to the Save and Recalculate fees button that you see on individual events. However, it allows you to update all events at once, without having to go through them individually.

To update all of your Approved and Uninvoiced events in ML Schedules™ Software you will take the following steps:

1. Select Admin > Recalculate Event Fees.

2. Read the text thoroughly to ensure you want to make this change, as once the button is clicked, this can not be undone. 

3. Click the Save and Recalculate Fees button.

4. Do not leave the page until the update is complete (the orange progress bar will stop spinning when complete).

Note: This change can take a few minutes, depending on the number of events it needs to update.