ML Schedules™ Software Admins have the ability to replace an internal staff member, preserving all roles and permissions of the original user.

1.  Select Users > Manage Users.

2. Click the Add User button and add the user who will be replacing the existing user. (If the user doesn't already exist). Give this new user the Additionally Notified User role.

3. Once the new users has been added with the Additionally Notified User role, select the double arrow icon next to the user that you will be replacing.

The Replace User screen will be displayed.

4.  You will then choose the name of the new user from the "Replace them with" drop down that you wish to replace the existing user with.

5. Select the Save button.

The new staff member will automatically be inserted into all of the Roles and Permissions that the previous staff member was set up with. The old staff member will automatically be removed of all previous roles and permissions.