For those instances where K12 school districts require additional supporting documentation about a Group, ML Schedules™ Software allows Group Managers to upload and name up to three PDF files attached to a Group Profile.

Examples of supporting documentation required for internal (district) or external (community) Groups include:

  • 501(C)(3) certificate in JPG or PDF file format
  • Proof of Non-Profit Status
  • Background Check
  • Other district policy-related documents.

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Group Managers can use this feature after logging into the software as follows:

1. Select the Profile icon at the top right of the screen.

2. Select the Edit button next to the Group name to which you want to upload the files. The selected Group Information screen will be displayed.

1. Enter the name of File 1 in the gray free-text field in the Additional Files section.

2. Select the Choose File button to display a file selection screen.

3. Navigate to and select the desired file; then press the Select button. The selected file will be uploaded to the Group Information screen.

4. Repeat steps 3 – 5 for Files 2 and 3, if desired.

5. Select the orange Save Group button when completed.

District staff involved in the Facility Request approval process can view the additional Group PDFs at any time by selecting the links available in the Facility Request Detail page (below) accessed via the magnifying glass icon next to the event name on the Manage Requests screen.