ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software
 integrates directly with ScheduleGalaxy™ Athletic League Software integration. Once the programs are synchronized via a one-time procedure, ScheduleGalaxy™ will automatically update ML Schedules™ Software whenever an athletic practice or game is scheduled in the former program.

To directly integrate the two software programs, there are a few basic steps that need to be taken in both ML Schedules™ and ScheduleGalaxy™ software as described in this entry.

In ML Schedules™ Software:

  1.  Designate Athletic Spaces using the Manage Spaces screen.
  2. Setup Integration Parameters using the District Admin screen.
    a. Setup an External Event Group.
    b. Set Default Duration for External Events (optional).
    c. Obtain ML Schedules™ Software API Key.

In ScheduleGalaxy™ Software:

  1. Enable ML Schedules™ Software integration using API Key.
  2. Link ML Schedules™ Spaces and ScheduleGalaxy™ Facilities.

This documentation assumes that district’s Sites and Spaces have already been setup in ML Schedules™ Software.

In ML Schedules™ Software:

1. Designate Athletic Spaces using the Manage Spaces page.


  • For more information about Managing Spaces, see Setup Sites and Spaces section of this help site.
  • Only ML Schedules™ Software users assigned the District Admin role can designate a Space as Athletic.

The Manage Space screen includes a field called “Is Athletic?” that needs to be set for Yes for all athletic spaces setup in ML Schedules™ Software that need to link to the district’s ScheduleGalaxy™ program. This enables the linking of specific spaces with ScheduleGalaxy™ towards the end of this procedure.

For each space that needs to be linked to ScheduleGalaxy™ Software:

1. Select the Locations > Manage Spaces command to display a list of Spaces currently setup in your district’s ML Schedules™ account.

2. Select the Edit icon () to the right of the existing space to be designated as Athletic. The Manage Space screen will be displayed.

3. Select Yes from the Is Athletic? drop-down menu.

4. Select the Save button.

Repeat steps 1 – 4 for all existing district spaces to be synchronized with ScheduleGalaxy™ Software.

Set Up External Event Group

An External Event Group is used to manage events coming into ML Schedules™ Software from the ScheduleGalaxy™ program.

 1. From the Settings > Integration Settings screen, enter “Athletic Events” in the Group to Create External Events field.

All events that are synched from ScheduleGalaxy will be associated with this new ML Schedules™ Athletic Events Group.

Set Default Duration for External Events (optional)

The Default Duration for External Events value determines how many minutes an event lasts if no other setting is entered. ScheduleGalaxy™ Software will use the event End Time if one is specified in ML Schedules™ Software; otherwise this default value will be used.

The default value is 120 minutes which can be changed to another value, if desired.

1. Enter a new default External Event Duration or leave the 120 minute (2 hour) default setting.

Obtain ML Schedules API Key

Once these integration parameters have been set, the last step in you’ll need to obtain your ML Schedules API Key that allows ScheduleGalaxy to link to your district in order to retrieve Spaces and send Events.

1.  Write down the ML Schedules API Key as displayed on the Integration Settings screen.

Example of an ML Schedules™ Software API Key as shown on the Integration Settings screen.

The API Key will need to be entered in ScheduleGalaxy™ Software as described below.

Once the ML Schedules API Key is obtained, the configuration is complete in the ML Schedules™ Software district site. The next step is to configure the district in ScheduleGalaxy™ Software to allow communications with ML Schedules™ Software.

Enable ML Schedules Integration in ScheduleGalaxy

In the top right of the Modify school info screen is the Integrate with other systems button.

     1. Click the Integrate with other systems button to view your district’s ScheduleGalaxy™  School integrations screen.

     2. Select the “Add new integration” button.

ScheduleGalaxy™ Software’s integration functions are found on the “Modify school info” screen.

    3. Select “MasterLibrary ML Schedules” as the Integration system in the Add new integration screen.

    4. Enter the API Key obtained in step 2-c-3 above.

    5. Select the Submit button.

The School integrations screen will be displayed with  “MasterLibrary ML Schedules” shown as a new integration.

Link ML Schedules™ Spaces with ScheduleGalaxy™ Facilities

1. Select the “Integration configurations” command next to the ML Schedules entry.

A screen will be displayed with:

  • A list of ScheduleGalaxy™-defined Facilities on the left and;
  • Drop-down menus showing all ML Schedules™ Spaces designated as Athletic in step 1-3 of this procedure on the right.

ScheduleGalaxy™ Software’s Integration Configurations screen allows Admins to select ML Schedules™ Athletic Spaces with ScheduleGalaxy’s Facilities counterparts.

For each Facility with events that should automatically transfer between systems:

2. Select the corresponding ML Schedules™ Software Space from the drop-down menu to the right of the ScheduleGalaxy Software Facility.

3. Select the Save button to save your settings.

 Push All Future Events from ScheduleGalaxy to ML Schedules

    In the top right of the Modify school info screen is the Integrate with other systems button.

     1. Click the Integrate with other systems button to view your district’s ScheduleGalaxy™ School integrations screen.

     2. Select the “Push all future activities” button.

That completes the software integration setup process between ML Schedules™ and ScheduleGalaxy. From now on, any athletic practice or game created in ScheduleGalaxy™ Software will automatically be reflected in ML Schedules™ Software for the designated Space/facility.