Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available from ML Schedules™ Facility Use Request Software to allow integration with other District applications including:

  1. Building Automation
  2. CMMS – Work Order System
  3. Athletic / League Scheduling System

Building Automation, Work Order Systems and Other Applications
Our API allows enterprise-wide District applications such as building automation and Work Order systems to pull specific event data from ML Schedules™ Software at whatever frequency is required by the application.

An example of event data passed on by the API is shown below. (Formats can be customized if needed.)


ML Schedules™ Software’s API allows integration with just about any other application that requires or would benefit from a District’s Facility Use Request system.

Athletic League Scheduling Software
For other software, such as athletic league scheduling applications, ML Schedules™ Software can pull data at any desired time or frequency if the connecting application can make the data available via the web.

ML Schedules™ has the ability to integrate with other software applications that your District is currently using. You must make contact with a representative at the connecting application to see if the company is willing to integrate. If so, please contact the ML Schedules™ Development Department at 585.270.6676.