There are several options for the default public view of your district’s calendar of events:

  • By month
  • By week
  • By week with specific time constraints

The default views can be set by District Admins as shown below.

To get to the Public Display Settings page, go to Settings > Public Display Settings

To set the default display for a Monthly view

1. Use the exact Calendar View URL shown below:


The Monthly view looks like this.


To set the default display for a Weekly view

1. Add “&by=w” to the end of the same URL used for the Month View as shown below.

The Weekly view looks like this:f


To add Time Constraints to the Weekly view calendar

For example, only show  the time frame from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

1. Add “&min=7&max=22”  to the end of the URL as shown below:

Note that you can change the minimum/maximum settings to whatever time frame you would like to show (using Military Time.)

The Weekly view with Time Constraints looks like this: