ML Schedules™ Software allows authorized district users and Group Managers to choose Additional Group Contacts to automatically notify about the status of Requests and approved Events.

When a Group Manager adds additional Group Contacts to the Group Information page, authorized users will be able to choose whether these contacts should be notified when a specific Request has been Approved, Declined, Put on Hold, Edited or Canceled.

There are two ways that an additional Group Contact may be notified:

  1. The Group Manager can choose them to be notified prior to submitting the Request, or;
  2. An authorized district staff member (e.g., Space Approver, District Admin) can choose them to be notified during the approval process.

Group Managers during the Request process

1. Login to ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software.
Your home screen will be displayed.

2. Begin the Request process as you normally would by selecting a Group and choosing a Request Type.

3. Complete the Facility Use Request form based on the Request Type selected in step 2.

At the bottom of the Request Form is a section labeled Contactswith a list of all additional Group Contacts as highlighted below.

The Contacts section of the online Facility Use Request form allows Group Managers to select Additional Contacts to receive automatic updates about status updates to this specific Request.

4. Select the Additional Contacts that should be included on the Request Status notifications.

5. Continue submitting your Request.