ML Schedules™ Software allows District Admin and users with permissions to Send Invoices to never, manually or automatically send a Contract PDF. 

This will allow Group Managers to receive a PDF attachment of the districts contract upon approval of a Facility Use Request, to sign and return back to the district.

This Contract PDF includes:

  1. The District’s Contract Booking Details.
  2. An itemized list of Facility Usage fees to be charged based on the Group Classification.
  3. An itemized list of fees for requested support equipment and personnel.
  4. The District’s Contract Terms.
  5. Signature lines for the Requester and Facility Use Coordinator signifying agreement to all terms, conditions and estimated fees.

The text for items 1 and 4 is entered in the Contract Setup section which can only be accessed by users assigned the District Admin role

Options for sending Contracts to Group Managers:
  • Automatically on Approval
  • Manually after Approval
  • Never

From any ML Schedules™ Software screen while logged in as a District Admin:

1. Select Settings > Contract Setup from the Left-side toolbar. 

The Contract Setup screen will be displayed.

2. Select how you would like to send contracts, through the Send Contract PDF on Approval field drop-down menu:

  • Yes: Automatically attaches contract to the approval email the requestor receives.
  • No: Never attaches a contract.
  • Manual: Allows you to manually send contracts as needed.

3. Enter your district’s Contract Booking Details in the text field. 

Note: The Contract Booking Details field is typically used to provide explicit instructions to the Requester on return of the signed contract as well as how any fees are to be paid.

4. Enter your district’s Contract Terms in the Contract Terms Text field.

Important: Text entered in the Contract Booking Details and Contract Terms Text fields will appear at the top and bottom, respectively, of the Contract PDF sent to all requesters.

5. After all the Contract fields have been completed, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select the Save button.

The Group Manager will now receive an email (either automatically on approval or when manually sent through the Email Contract PDF button) with the Contract PDF customized with the details and total estimated cost of the Request.

A sample Contract PDF with the data from the Contracts fields is shown below.