ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software
 provides District Admins  the ability to set up separate approval paths for spaces by Group Classification.

Example: Your district may send Requests submitted by external community Groups through a different approval process than those submitted by internal district Groups.

Important: Your district must use the optional Classifications feature to enable different approval paths which can only be set by District Admins.

Set Facility Request approval paths by Group Classification

From any screen within ML Schedules™ Software while logged in as a District Admin:

1. Select the Locations > Manage Spaces (OR select the Manage Sites command to do this by building) command from the black toolbar to display the Manage Spaces screen.


2A. Add a new Space by selecting the Add (Add) icon.


2B. Edit an existing space by selecting the Edit (Edit) icon to display the Space settings screen.

Towards the middle of the screen is the Approval Per Class section where Admins can either:

  • Use the default Approval path sequence that will apply to all Groups in a specific Classification, or;
  • Choose a custom Approval path sequence for one, some or all Classifications.

Note: Under Approval Path By Classification, there is an option for No Approval Required. The setting will allow this specific Classification to bypass the Approval Process for the Space listed. The following option is not available on the Site level.

3. Enter custom Approval paths for the desired Group Classification(s).

Note: Any Classification without a custom approval path will be subject to the default path entered.

4. Select the “Save” button to save your changes.