ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software provides District Admin with the ability to allow specified Group Classifications to submit requests on blocked dates/times via the Bypass Blocked Dates setting.

For example: Your district may want to allow District Staff groups to to submit requests during blocked dates/times, but not allow outside community members. 

This is especially useful if your district uses blocked dates to block off school hours during the week in ML Schedules™ Software. In this instance you may want to allow teachers to book rooms during the school day, but you do not want to allow community members to submit requests during those hours.

Important: Your district must use Classifications to enable this feature which can only be set by District Admins.

Setup the Allow Ability to Bypass Blocked Dates Feature

To setup the Allow Ability to Bypass Blocked Dates feature, while logged into the software as a District Admin:

1. Select the Settings > Setup Items > Manage Classifications command from the Left-side toolbar to display the Manage Classifications screen.

Note: This procedure assumes Classifications are enabled and setup at your district. For more information, see  Setup District Classifications.

2. Select the Edit icon (Edit) next to the Classification for which the Allow Ability to Bypass Blocked Dates feature is being enabled.

3. Choose Yes from the Bypass Blocked Dates field drop-down menu.

4. Select the Save button to save your changes. The Manage Classifications screen will be displayed.

The selected Classification will now be able to submit requests during dates/times that have been blocked off by the district.