ML Schedules™ Software allows District Admin the ability to assign up to ten different Building-Based Permission settings to each district user. 

These settings allow districts to access specific roles at specific buildings. For example, a High School staff member could be selected to approve Facility Use Requests on behalf of others only at that site.

Note that the Permission settings can be used in combination with each other. For example, selecting Bypass Approvals and Bypass Blocked Dates for a district user would provide instant approval of a request submitted on a blocked date by that user at the specified at building(s).

1. Approve on Behalf of Others

2. Edit Requests

3. Bypass Approval
  • Description: Allows the district user to submit a Facility Use Request that bypasses the assigned approval path and is instantly approved.
  • Related Procedure: Bypass Approval on a Request

4. Bypass Blocked Dates

5. Bypass Minimum/Maximum Days notice to submit a Request
  • Description: Allows the district user to submit a  Request that bypasses the district-wide Min/Max Days Notice setting.

6. Double Book
  • Description: Allows the district user to submit a  Request for a date, time and space that already has an approved Request. The most common use of this feature is for events that involve more than one Group (e.g., a pep rally or multi-group performance).
  • Related Procedure: Double Book a Space that already has an Approved Request

7. Cancel Approved Events
  • Description: Allows the district user to cancel approved Facility Use Requests (i.e, scheduled events).
  • Related Procedure: Cancel an Approved Request

8. View Reports

9. View Financial Reports

10. Send Invoice
  • Description: Allows the district user to invoice approved Facility Use Requests based on the usage fee settings for that space.
  • Related Procedure: Sending an Invoice after an Event

11. Manage Blocked Dates
  • Description: Allows the district user access to the Manage Blocked Dates page. The permission was previously only associated with the District Admin Role.
  • Related Procedure: Managing Blocked Dates

Watch this short video to learn more about the Building-Based Permissions. 

Building-Based Permissions from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.