There are five different district-user Roles that can be assigned in ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software.

  1. Additionally Notify. Support staff who are notified about approved Requests either on a per-space or per-event basis.
  2. Space Approver. Has Facility Request approval rights based on a specific site and/or space.
  3. Athletic Director. This role allows submitting multiple practices and games on one page.
  4. Group Classification ManagerThis role gives staff access to manage/approve groups.
  5. District Admin. This powerful Role has the ability to: select district-wide Facility Request form settings; add, edit or remove users, sites, spaces, etc., and; can act on submitted Requests.
  6. Request On Behalf of OthersThis Role allows the User to Request on Behalf of any other Approved Group in the system.

In addition to these five Roles, there are also ten different Permission Settings available (described below) that are applied on a per-site (i.e., by building) basis. This allows districts to assign different staff to specific buildings with varying permission settings by building.