Admin can block off days throughout the year that you do not allow requests to be submitted.

To use this feature you must have the Manage Blocked Dates permission. The permission can be applied on the Manage Users page.

1.  Select Admin > Manage Blocked Dates.

The Manage My Blocked Dates page will be displayed. 

2.  Select the option

The Manage Blocked Dates screen will be displayed that includes the following fields:

  • Date 
  • Start Time 
  • End Time
  • Site: Defaults to All Sites (District-Wide Block) or a specific Site can be selected using the dropdown or typing into the box.
  • Space: Defaults to All Spaces or a specific Space can be selected using the dropdown or typing into the box.
  • Standard Recurrence: Selecting this checkbox will display the default options. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly.
  • Custom Recurrence: Selecting this checkbox will display a Calendar modal and multiple dates can be selected.
  • Show to Public: Option to show on the public Calendar.
  • Title: Title that will display on the Calendar.
  • Additional Information: Optional information that can be viewed when the blocked date is viewed on the public calendar.
  • Event Type: Selecting this Field will display Event types that can be tagged to this Blocked Date.
  • Classification: Select a Classification you would like to target with this blocked date.


3. Select the Add button once complete.

Adding a Blocked Date using the New Request button

1. Click the New Request option at the top right of the screen

2.  Select the Add Blocked Date(s) option

4. Fill out the Blocked Dates form similar to the Admin page

5. Click Add