ML Schedules™ Software district users who are assigned the Manage District Settings permission have the ability to modify and update the district's General Settings page at all times. 

These are District-Wide settings that will affect all of your users. 

To access the General Settings page:

1.  Select Admin > Settings > General Settings from the Left-side toolbar. 

The General Settings page will be displayed. 

2. Complete the following settings as needed:

Show Approve/Decline Buttons in Emails: Marking this as YES will allow approvers to approve and decline requests via email. Selecting NO will prevent those buttons from showing in the email and the approver will need to approve or decline the request inside the system. 

Days Pending for Reminder Email: Set a reminder email to be sent to approvers when an event has been pending their approval for X number of days.

Classification Approver E-mails: This person will receive a notification when a new group creates an account, so that they can approve them. Note: Multiple Emails can be listed in this Field. For example,,

District E-mail for Contact Form: This person will receive community member's questions regarding using your facilities.

Allow Events Longer than 24 Hours: If this is selected to YES, events longer than 24 hours will be allowed. If selected to NO a message will display when making a reservation if someone submits something longer than 24 hours.

Terms & Conditions File: We recommend that you upload a PDF document for your terms and conditions/policy. The Terms & Conditions file will show at the bottom of each request.  There will be a hyperlink to View the file before submitting the request.

Include Attachments: You can decide whether or not attachments will be included in the email notifications when a request has been submitted, or if a User needs to be additionally notified when an event is approved.

Receive Email for Group Files: The email listed here will receive an email notification if new Group files are uploaded. Multiple emails can be listed if separated by a comma.

Require Event Type for an Event: If you would like to have every event to have an event type associated with it. This can be select to YES. This will default to NO.

Days Notice for Expiring Insurance: Set the number of days you would like Users to receive a notification that their email is expiring. 

Note: This will be sent on the first of every month, and will only be sent if they have future requests. 

Custom Insurance: Type in a message that will appear on the registration page for when new groups apply to use the software. 

Contact Us (custom form text): Type in a custom message that will appear on the contact us form, when end users are reaching out to the head admin. Contact District Admin

3. Click Save