ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software provides District Admins with the option to always show specific Spaces as available.

There are several reasons a district may want to show a Space as Always Available:

1. Your district may not want the outside users to know when your Spaces are available/not available and may want to choose to show an open schedule. This would allow outside users to blindly submit a request without knowing whether the Space was available.

2. This setting is also useful when setting up Classrooms in the software. While some districts wish to list each individual classroom to eliminate double booking, others prefer to list generic classrooms and allow the user to list which number they would like to use.  You can could use the Always Available setting to show one generic classroom Space per building and allow users to enter the Classroom number they wish to use. This eliminates the need for a district to add multiple generic classroom spaces which can save setup time.

3. This setting can be used for districts wishing to use the software for other types of requests such as, Conference or Field Trip requests. As these types of request usually do not depend on availability of the Space and multiple users may want to submit for the same date/time.

To set up the Always Available setting in ML Schedules™,  refer to the following procedure:

From any screen when logged into the software as a District Admin:

1. Select Locations > Manage Spaces from the left black toolbar to display the Manage Spaces screen.

2. Select either the:

  • Add icon (Add) to add a new Space or;
  • Edit icon (Edit) to edit an existing Space.

3. Select Yes from the Always Available? field drop-down menu.

The Always Available? field setting

4. Once all other Space settings are complete, scroll to the bottom and select the Save button.